toilet paper offer

The toilet paper from The Good Roll is 100% tree friendly & sustainable (EU Ecolabel). Our toilet paper also contains no chlorine, colourants or fragrance, but that doesn't have to come at a cost to your wallet.

In addition to being sustainable and recycled, toilet paper from The Good Roll is also very inexpensive, making it a good offer.

Many people are generally willing to pay a little more for a sustainable option. Often, this sustainable option simply costs a little more, but it is important to put a few things into perspective.

It turns out that buying The Good Roll toilet paper is cheaper than an average private label 3-ply!

The plastic-free packaging of The Good Roll contains double-thick rolls and the roll has twice as many sheets as usual (400 vs. 200), so you come out very cheap.

Even though the price tag may seem a bit more, it is not that bad in comparison and you actually end up very cheap. The Good Roll is even cheaper than an average house brand 3-ply! A real offer.

We also offer the option of taking out a subscription, so you never have to be without toilet paper again, and it's even more economical. Would you rather take a look at your options?

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