Toilet Fun

Hi you, comfy yet? Toilet paper doesn't grow on trees, but we got the next best thing!
Gotta kill some time? We've got you covered:
Click when you need:
🚽 To know more about our toilet building mission
🐱 Cats.
🌀 Disappearing game.
🧻 Rolling toilet paper.
🐶 Dogs. Many of them.
🙆‍♀️ Someone to make everything OK.
🧡 A compliment.
🚽 Toilet memes.
🙃 To drop a dude.
✅ Inspiration on what to do.
💫 Fidgetspinners. Duh.
💩 Something useless.
🥔 Potato.
🔚 Closure.
Don't forget to flush ... and wash your hands, ya filthy animal.