Our waste streams

At The Good Roll we strive for a 100% sustainable use of raw materials and materials.

Even when it comes to our own production process. It is important to collect released waste streams separately. Because only purely separated streams are easily recyclable.

In this way we contribute to a circular economy, in which waste no longer exists. Our waste is the raw material. Take plastic, for example. We believe that plastic is not necessarily bad, but that it has a large part to do with the handling and processing thereof.

Our waste collector underlines this. Some of our products are delivered to our workshops in plastic packaging. We repack these products in sustainable boxes, because we don't want to burden our customers with all that plastic waste.

At the same time, we take responsibility for the plastic waste stream that is then released. We collect the plastic separately and have it collected separately by our waste collector Milieu Service Nederland.

They ensure that the plastic in their factory, Plastic Recycling Amsterdam, is processed into a 99% pure raw material. Because the end product is so close in terms of purity to newly produced plastic, high-quality plastic products can simply be made again.

This way, the raw materials remain in the cycle and that's what we do it for.

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