Our sustainable and recycled toilet paper

We strive to leave a minimal ecological footprint on the planet by making sustainable toilet paper. In the production process of our recycled toilet paper, no chemical bleaching agents are used and no trees have been cut down.

Paper and cardboard can be recycled an average of 7 times. In the Netherlands, more than half of toilet paper is made from recycled fibers. This is important, because after use recycled toilet paper cannot be reused, so it makes sense to use fibers that are not strong enough to re-enter the normal paper cycle for recycled toilet paper. 

Our soft toilet rolls are light beige in color. This is because we do not use chemicals to whiten the paper and it is made from recycled paper and cardboard, which in itself is not white. The use of bleach to whiten the paper is not only unnecessary and bad for the environment, it is also not at all pleasant for your skin!

But with 100% recycled toilet paper you are not there yet, it can be more sustainable. In fact, a danger of recycled toilet paper is that it also uses thermal paper (such as receipts that people throw in the waste paper), which can contain all kinds of nasty substances such as BPAs.

Toilet paper made from recycled paper and cardboard causes 74% less air pollution. Our recycled toilet paper also uses water and energy from wind power and water treatment plants economically. The water is used several times and then returned cleanly to nature.

A roll of sustainable toilet paper has no less than 400 sheets and therefore lasts extra long. It's available in packs of 24 rolls, 48 ​​and 96 rolls.

Keep rolling with us