Sustainability check - we are officially 95% waste-free!

As a company we have to deal with a lot of waste. Both in the office, with paper and food and drink waste, and in the process of making and packaging the products. You will probably think: How can you claim that you are 95% waste free ???

This is because we do not mean that we do not generate any waste at all, but that the waste we have is processed in a circular manner so that it can be used again as 99% pure raw material. We call this the circular economy.

We have now managed to process as much as 95% of our waste in this way, how cool is that! Last week we received a sustainability certificate from Milieu Service Nederland for this achievement, and we are extremely proud of this.

With special thanks to Roy Klaassen, regional manager in the middle of the Netherlands at Milieu Service Nederland, who continues to give us good advice on how things can be even better, and who helped us to 95%.

In total there are five categories of raw materials that can be recycled. These are paper and cardboard, metal, glass, wood and plastic.

In all these areas, we do our best to use and recycle as much recycled material as possible, in order to make it circular in this way.

Since our report on our waste flows in June, we have been working hard to make our waste processing even better. Our goal is to eventually become 100% waste-free. Since we already make beautiful recycled toilet paper, it would be easy to say that we already do enough and therefore do not have to strive for 100% waste-free, but we like to make it difficult for ourselves.

All jokes aside, we take our sustainability very seriously and do our best to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We also find it important to always remain transparent and honest.

For example, some things are still delivered to us in our factory in plastic, but we take responsibility here to ensure that all of this is separated and collected and recycled by the Environmental Service.

This way we can supply you with completely plastic-free toilet paper and we have control over what happens with the plastic. There are still things that can be improved, so we will get to work on them, we will keep you informed… on to the 100%!

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