Pure Africa at The Good Roll

The Good Roll is all about making an impact on all aspects possible. That is why in The Good Roll office, they drink Pure Africa coffee! But why them? Pure Africa invests 1 euro in microcredits for each kilo of coffee beans sold. These microcredits with special lower interest, are available to the local farmers. This way with each cup of coffee the health of the social and economical landscape in Africa is improved. 

Pure Africa believes that hard working farmers should earn a fair price. In their eyes, this is considered normal. They ensure this with conscious labels as well as microcredits. This way you can build up a fair chain where everyone earns in relation to the value they add. 

For every kilo of coffee beans, Pure Africa invests €1 in microcredits. With these credits, they can borrow money for purchasing land or raw materials to grow their company. By letting them borrow you create an environment of equality and commitment. Which is sustainable in the long term. To improve the situation even more they have set up special regulations for the farmers with local banks. The banks will only ask 6% interest instead of the regular 25-40% which is normal there. This way it is way more interesting for the farmers to invest in their company. 

By listening to the needs of the local farmers, just like The Good Roll does with the construction of toilets, Pure Africa invests in their local economy to make a positive change. With this Pure Africa makes a difference in Africa, and The Good Roll makes a difference just by supporting this cause by drinking their coffee on a daily basis. 

Do you also want to support Pure Africa? With the coupon code goodcoffee you get 20% of your Pure Africa order. (available now until 30th of November 2021) Or do you want to read the interview Pure Africa had with our founder Melle? Then click here!

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