How will you make your company more sustainable in 2022?

It's time to make resolutions again. For your personal goals, but maybe also for your company or work. Have the goals set for 2021 been achieved? And what about more sustainable entrepreneurship? There are plenty of reasons to be more aware of this, such as saving energy, reducing waste and emissions, complying with regulations or financing conditions and of course contributing to a future-proof society. To help your organization get started, we have described a number of tips & tricks with which you can make an impact in the coming year.

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Sustainable entrepreneurship starts with recognizing waste and looking for more sustainable alternatives. Small adjustments can make a big difference. Think, for example, of turning off light and heating in places where it is not necessary. Another tip is to prevent stealth use by removing plugs from sockets of infrequently used appliances and by using energy-saving plugs or sockets with cut-off switches. By making more conscious choices on a regular basis, it becomes increasingly easier to see opportunities in sustainability.

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Sustainable purchasing

An easily accessible step towards increasing sustainability is by purchasing sustainable products and materials. This can already be about small everyday items, such as replacing toilet paper and towels for a more sustainable variant. The same goes for paper and stationery; make administration, notes and presentations digital as much as possible and pay attention to certifications such as Der Blaue Engel, FSC, PEFC, EMAS, Cradle to Cradle and Ecolabels when purchasing paper. Also replace all disposable items this year and take into account the new regulations: disposable cups and food packaging will be banned from 2023 (unless they meet strict recycling conditions). In addition, choose rechargeable batteries, recycled pallets, biodegradable garbage bags, etc.

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Dealing with waste

Every year, two mega tons of industrial waste is incinerated in the Netherlands. It would, of course, be best to minimize waste flows, for example by reducing disposable materials and reusing residues, but completely switching to circular business operations is of course not a quick implementation. That is why it helps enormously to think more about the way in which your company waste is processed. For example, Seenons has developed an app that allows waste to be transported efficiently, reducing CO2 emissions and encouraging recycling. Contact them here for free advice.

Business premises

A lot of energy is used in commercial buildings, which often means considerable savings can be made. An obvious tip is to switch to LED lighting. We also recommend that you consider more sustainable solutions during maintenance. For example, by replacing the old central heating boiler or even investing in a heat pump. Insulating the building also helps, for example by using double glazing or green facades. Also think about the use of solar panels, water-saving taps and sustainable powder paint.

Business processes

Integrate the sustainable movement into business processes as well. Make use of economical equipment and think again about the necessary packaging material. If you have to deal with a lot of transport, opt for optimal routes and electric driving. Or think about the possibilities your company can create in the social field. Do not forget to involve employees in sustainability, they may come up with suitable solutions and become motivated for change.

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Participate in sustainable networks

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of networks that deal with sustainability, circularity and corporate social responsibility. Stimulate these kinds of initiatives and get inspired by other companies that came before you. Become a member of networks such as SDG Netherlands, MVO Netherlands, Futureproof Community and Social Enterprise NL. Often there are also initiatives aimed at a specific industry. Sustainability is a collective interest, so especially enter into partnerships to achieve sustainability goals. 

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