How do you make a hotel sustainable?

A simple step towards sustainability is to buy more consciously. Think for example of purchasing recycled products. This could be our recycled hygiene paper, but also business clothing or furniture made from recycled materials. In addition, choose bed linen and towels that are produced more sustainably. There are also environmentally friendly variants available for cleaning agents that do not require the waste of packaging. Our partner Clearcircle can help you with this! 

Sustainability is not only about buying recycled products, but also about purchasing non-recycled products efficiently and environmentally, consciously. For example, many hotels have small shampoo and shower gel bottles in their bathrooms for guests, which they will happily take home. Consequently, this creates an awful lot of plastic waste!

Therefore, think about i.e., refillable pump systems for washrooms to make them more sustainable. Shampoo and shower gel can be refilled in these without releasing lots of environmentally unfriendly bottles into the world. The containers that the refillable shampoo comes out of will most likely be plastic as well, but these can be made from eco-friendly plastic and you as a hotel can control the waste disposal. Guests can dispose of their bottles anywhere. As a truly sustainable hotel, you naturally recycle your plastic packaging well, which minimises damage to the environment. So, explore the possibilities with shower gel and shampoo and make the world a better place.

Saving water is also a good way to be more sustainable. The production of our recycled paper already uses a lot less water than non-recycled paper, but that is not the only way! Think of a water-saving shower head or collecting rainwater and using it for toilets, showers, and washrooms. With all the washing that goes on in the hotel industry, this is a very good way to make a big impact quickly. And in addition to water, you would also be saving a lot of money. Reason enough to go green!

Êtes-vous motivé pour appliquer plus de durabilité dans votre hôtel?

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