Why bamboo?

You know for a fact that our 100% European recycled toilet paper is sustainable toilet paper, but did you know that our bamboo toilet paper is even more sustainable?

Keep your eyes open and think about the reasons we are about to give you. 

Why is bamboo more sustainable than 100% European recycled paper?
Toilet paper made from bamboo has many advantages compared to regular toilet paper made from trees or old paper.

First, bamboo is a type of grass and can grow up to one meter a day. Bamboo is fully grown after about a year, much faster than a regular tree. The average time it takes for a tree to reach full growth is 40 years. Therefore, less surface is needed to produce bamboo toilet paper compared to regular toilet paper.

Another advantage of bamboo over wood is that bamboo plantations absorb 100 to 400 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. The bamboo plant does not die after it is harvested for toilet paper; the plant grows again. After about a year, the plant is fully grown and can be harvested again. Unmanaged bamboo forests hardly store any new CO2 because the bamboo has already largely outgrown.

Less emissions by rolling with bamboo
Besides being incredibly soft and strong, bamboo toilet paper is also environmentally friendly. Bamboo absorbs a lot of CO2 while it is growing.

Another advantage of bamboo is that it absorbs 35% more CO2 than trees and produces 30% more oxygen than trees. By using bamboo toilet paper, you are not only assured of soft bottoms, but you can also wipe your bum with confidence. By wiping with our bamboo toilet paper, you not only ensure clean butts, but a clean earth as well.

The first fairtrade toilet paper factory in the world!
In the final quarter of 2022, The Good Roll will open its first fairtrade toilet paper factory to produce bamboo toilet paper in Ghana. This means that in the course of 2023, The Good Roll will switch to bamboo toilet paper produced in its own factory. The bamboo used to produce our toilet paper comes from local Ghanaian farmers. 

For these farmers, the bamboo is currently a waste product as it grows as weeds at the edges of their fields. Because the farmers can sell their bamboo to The Good Roll’s factory, they are able to generate extra income. The farmers get a fair price for the bamboo they sell to the factory of The Good Roll, making the bamboo a Fairtrade product.

Bamboo advantages:
·     Bamboo toilet paper is better for the environment than regular toilet paper because the bamboo plant grows faster than a tree;

·      Farmers in Ghana get extra income because the waste product now has value;

·      The farmers receive a fair price for the bamboo they supply to the factory. So, you can wipe your bottom with the new bamboo toilet paper with peace of mind.

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