Why does The Good Roll use wrappers?

As you know, we are known for our cheerful wrappers wrapped around every toilet paper roll. We are super proud of this, but why do we do this? Is this even sustainable? People often ask us these questions. Those who ask get answers... Read more...

There are several reasons why, we dress our toilet paper in a sexy jacket.

First of all,

Did the wrappers catch your attention? It did, right...? That's exactly what we want! To stand out and draw attention to our toilet paper rolls. The visibility and brand awareness it gives us will make us more memorable, and this will make you want to buy our toilet paper. So we turn a somewhat dull everyday product into a party. And that means we can make more impact again. The more we sell, the more money we can donate to The Good Roll Foundation.

The Good Roll foundation has one goal: to make sustainable sanitation available. Our foundation was set up to spend the money we raise from the sales of our rolls on building sanitation in the best possible way, without making a profit. Every year, we donate 50% of net profits to building toilets in developing countries. Bam!

Besides 100% European recycled toilet paper, we also want to contribute to less plastic packaging. That's why our toilet paper is (often) wrapped in wrappers. Some of our customers find it more hygienic if each roll can be displayed or stored moisture and dust-free.

Is the wrapper also made of recycled paper, like the cardboard box?

Yes, our wrappers are made, of 100% European recycled paper, just like the toilet paper and kitchen rolls you have come to expect from us.

Since we're going to wrap our toilet paper, we want to do it right. This is why, we always create fun designs to give your toilet or bathroom a nice touch! Or perhaps a memorable gift?

Each wrapper is imprinted with ink. How is this sustainable?

Good question! The ink we use on our wrappers may be called BIO or ECO ink. It is more eco-friendly because it uses vegetable oil instead of synthetic oil. The inks do not contain mineral oils or substances derived from genetically modified organisms (except Soybean oil) and are free of VOC. These are organic and thus better for the environment. The colour series we use meets the requirements for printing from the EU Eco-label, the Austrian Eco-label, the Nordic Swan and Der Blaue Engel. This series is also certified for Cradle-to-Cradle.

The raw materials used to manufacture these products are mainly based on vegetable and renewable sources (e.g. modified rosin resin, vegetable oils, alkyd resins, fatty acid esters). The proportion of renewable raw materials exceeds 70%. The raw materials used, are non-food and do not compete with the food supply chain. 

All products comply with the REACH regulation. The EuPIA exclusion policy for printing inks and related products is strictly adhered to. Energy-efficient and resource-friendly production through the use of pigment pastes for most applications which leads to a significant reduction in the energy-consuming drying and milling process of pigments.

The inks meet the criteria of decolourisation according to test method INGEDE 11 and fulfil the requirements of the European Recovered Paper Council's decolourisation scorecard.

Hopefully, it is a bit clearer why we wrap the toilet rolls now but if you go for sustainability, we also have the wrapless version in our webshop. The same quality roll but without the sexy jacket.

As the wrappers are 100% FSC, you can simply throw them away along with the waste paper. But do you like crafting, and are you also a little creative? Then check out these cool creations by our customers:

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