How can you make autumn even more sustainable?

Autumn has started again, which means warm drinks and nice fresh air. But are you ready to end summer and welcome autumn?

Autumn is the season when the most beautiful colours unlike any other season appear. There are different kinds of activities you can do in autumn, only these can also be done in a more sustainable way. 

That is why we have compiled a list of sustainable activities you can do during autumn. That way, you can make the most of this colourful season and help the world a bit with it too.

1. Keep your leaves

Beautiful leaves are very characteristic of autumn. Yet these leaves bring with them chores. Raking, bagging and mulching to take the leaves away via the rubbish man with garden waste bags. This is actually all unnecessary as autumn leaves are very good for your lawn.

Dead leaves are part of the life cycle of plants and soil. Plants grow from the soil, die, decompose, and are returned to the soil. Removing dead leaves from this cycle can affect the health of your soil.

So where can you contribute your roll? Large piles of leaves can cause the grass on your lawn to die. Therefore, it is best to mulch the leaves and spread them evenly across your garden. They can also be placed well at the base of a tree. This provides good insulation for during the winter. Don't have time to mulch your leaves or don't have your own lawn? Then you can compost the leaves at home or through the municipality. 

2. Keep it nice and cosy!

In autumn, the weather will cool down, so insulating your house even more is a good solution. Insulating your home will save you more money and energy, and of course we all want that! Doorways and windows are still the biggest enemy of your warm little home. Here are some tips to keep your home nice and warm and cosy.

First of all, window films are made of a thin plastic to prevent extra heat loss. They are easily removable and thus only needed during the cold months that await everyone. They make a big difference in keeping your living space warm.

Besides window film, very thick curtains are also a fine substitute. It has the same effect and keeps cold air from blowing in. It just makes your room a bit darker, but of course this makes it nice and cosy again.

Doors are also a problem with good insulation. Cold air often slips in through the bottom anyway. This is where door draft stoppers come in handy. You place them in front of your door and they stop all the cold air from slipping in through the door. This will keep your rooms wonderfully warm.

3. Sniff out nature

Autumn is not just about staying indoors, binge-watching Netflix, drinking hot chocolate or snuggling up under a blanket. Taking a breath of fresh air outdoors is also important. A good balance makes for a lot of good. In fact, autumn is still just good enough to enjoy being outside. It is just not too cold and not too hot. For a more conscious lifestyle, it is very important that we spend time in nature to appreciate and respect it so that we can take care of it.

Admiring the leaves from your window can be fun while reading a few chapters of a book but walking around town, cycling to a park or your favourite coffee house to grab a hot drink. Go camping and pitch a tent over the dry leaves so you wake up the next day to crisp weather surrounded by colourful nature.

4. Eat (yummy) local

Get your food during autumn from the local farmer or vendor. Experience the best that autumn has to offer by using seasonal ingredients. By buying food that grows and ripens during this natural season, your food does not have to come from far away. This reduces the use of fossil fuels and pollution from planes, trucks and other forms of transport. These benefits also apply when you choose to buy locally. Another bonus is that your food is as fresh as it gets. That's great, isn't it?

5. Ordering sustainable toilet paper from The Good Roll

A sustainable autumn naturally includes The Good Roll. With our newly revamped roll line, you can make the most of this season. Your toilet will also really appreciate it with those brightly coloured rolls. Moreover, your toilet paper is rolled in front of your door by Budbee. So you don't have to go out by yourself, and can continue to enjoy your series in front of the tube, while a fossil-free delivery driver delivers your emergency rolls. 

Besides the fact that you don't have to go to so much trouble yourself and can plop down on your toilet with your socks on without thinking about toilet paper. Your purchase of toilet paper from us, helps to build sanitary facilities in developing countries. 

Visualise this: At the start of your colourful day, you have quietly mulched your leaves and made your house draught-free. Then you've had a lovely overnight stay in nature and are ready to start your new day with a nice fresh breakfast from your local farmer. At the end of the day, you will be sitting comfortably on your toilet with sustainable bamboo toilet paper used, knowing that you have now made our world a little better. 

Order your favourite rolls here and enjoy an extra sustainable and beautiful autumn!

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