Sustainable toilet paper

Sustainable toilet paper

Did you know that every day 27,000 trees are cut down just to make toilet paper? We think that is absolutely out of date. That is why we only use sustainable and recycled toilet paper at The Good Roll. Made from European paper and fairly produced here in the Netherlands thanks to our social workshops. Best of all, 50% of our net profit goes to development projects in Africa.

What exactly is sustainable toilet paper?

Sustainability is a word that has been used indiscriminately in products and services for the past few years. Whenever there is a hint of "green" in sight, people are already talking about sustainable, ecological and fair. At The Good Roll, we believe that even something as basic as sustainable toilet paper needs to be right for the whole picture.

That is why we have taken everything into account when it comes to our eco toilet paper. We would like to take you through the different steps:

The paper

From forestry to agriculture, there are simply too many trees being felled. Considering that nearly 10 million trees are chopped down every year just for toilet paper, we are a little ashamed of our competitors. Especially when you consider that in Europe we throw away a lot of recyclable paper and burn it in waste plants. We collect this paper and recycle it responsibly.

Recycling & production

The actual recycling process is perhaps just as important. To make sustainable toilet paper, we do not use any chemicals and we are 100% plastic-free. This means that no plastic is used during production or in the packaging. We use fun wrappers that are also made from recycled paper for truly eco toilet paper.

Sales & Profit

Many companies are looking for maximum profit at all costs. Nowadays, the trend is to put a 'sustainability' sticker on a product, and to ask for 100% more. We do not like that at all.

That's why 50% of our net profit goes directly to The Good Roll Foundation, our foundation dedicated to building water pumps and sanitary facilities.

Now you may think: 'Nice to have these charities, but they come at the expense of my wallet'. 

But don't worry, our recycled toilet paper doesn't cost a turd! Not only is our cost per roll cheaper than supermarket brands, you also get a lot more paper. Each Good Roll 3-ply toilet paper has about 100 extra sheets compared to regular rolls, that's 12 extra meters of toilet paper.

Why it is better to go for sustainable

One roll of toilet paper won't save our world, but every Good Roll helps a little. Together, we ensure that fewer trees are felled. Because say it yourself, 27,000 trees a day just for toilet paper? That is really too many.

Recycled toilet paper does not end up on the rubbish heap

From A4 sheets to cardboard boxes, an awful lot of paper ends up in the rubbish unnecessarily. A shame, because it can be reused. We turn it into recycled toilet paper that the world can enjoy a second (and third, and fourth) time.

No chemicals or plastic

To get our toilet paper nice and clean, we don't use harmful chemicals. In addition, we do not pack your rolls in plastic but recycle paper. Just clean toilet paper without polluting the wastewater, why isn't this standard everywhere?

Relaxing in the bathroom while you flex with charity

Every time you take a seat on your sanitary throne, you know that you have made the life of someone in Africa better. That sounds very lofty, but it's really true. Because 50% of The Good Roll's net profits go directly to building water pumps and toilet facilities for villages that have to walk miles to get to an old water pump, let alone access to a safe toilet.

Last but not least: it doesn't cost a thing!

Not only are you helping the world, your bank account will thank you too. On average, our sustainable toilet paper is about €3.60 cheaper per 10 roll pack compared to supermarket toilet paper. Do you choose The Good Roll Subscription? Then you will receive a new pack of eco toilet paper at an interval of your choice, with a 10% discount every time!