Environmentally Friendly Toilet Paper

Environmentally friendly toilet paper

27,000 trees, that's how much wood is cut down for just the production of toilet paper. And that's not 27,000 trees a year or a month, this is cut down every day. This is simply a shame. That's why we at The Good Roll are taking a different approach. Environmentally friendly toilet paper that is made organically from recycled European paper, or made from ecologically planted bamboo. Would you like to know more about our recycled toilet paper? We are happy to tell you more about it!

Sustainability begins on the toilet

No one can save the climate on their own, but if we all do our best we can tackle the problem at its roots. In our case, we take that very literally, because as a company we only produce and invest in sustainable and eco toilet paper that is made in an honest way. Currently, we offer 3 different types of eco-friendly toilet paper:

the different types of environmentally friendly toilet paper from The Good Roll

2 layer recycled toilet paper : An absolute winner for the environment and for your wallet. 100% Made from recycled European paper, and naturally white without the use of chemicals. It is super strong paper that you do not need to fold in half before use, but of course you can! Because thanks to our unique combination of thin but strong paper, there are no less than 400 sheets on a roll. That's almost 30 meters more wiping fun than supermarket paper, but in the same compact roll size.

3 Layer recycled toilet paper : Our famous eco toilet paper, but in a luxurious version with 3 soft layers. Just like our 2-ply sustainable toilet paper, this is made from recycled European paper and is free from chemicals and plastic. Each roll has 250 sheets of super deluxe sustainable toilet paper. That's 100 more than you get in the supermarket on 3 ply toilet paper.

Bamboo toilet paper : Bamboo, isn't that that hard green stuff? At The Good Roll, we have a method that allows us to turn sustainable bamboo into the strongest and softest toilet paper ever. Because in an ideal world, we don't just rely on recycled paper, we produce our own sustainable toilet paper. And that's exactly what bamboo is perfect for.

Advantages of eco-friendly toilet paper

There are several reasons to choose eco-friendly toilet paper from The Good Roll. We've already told you about the impact of toilet paper on global logging, but did you know that The Good Roll does a lot more to help people and nature out of the sh*t?

50% of our net profit goes directly to our foundation that builds sanitary facilities in third world countries.

A safe toilet is essential for good health. Therefore, we build toilets where people do not have to walk miles for, do not mix with drinking water and are safely secluded. On our site, take a look at our projects and how your toilet paper is directly helping hundreds of people have a better life.

Now you may be thinking, "Aren't I paying way too much for my toilet paper?" After all, if we give 50% of our profits to charities, isn't the customer paying through the nose?

The great thing about The Good Roll is that our toilet paper is cheaper than that at the supermarket. And we're not just talking about A-brands, proportionally we are also cheaper than private labels!

Because our rolls contain many more sheets of eco toilet paper than a supermarket roll, our toilet paper lasts much longer! This quickly saves 30 to 36 cents per roll! You save more than € 8.50 per order on the average private label toilet paper!

Better for the environment, better for people, better for your wallet and better for your butt. No wonder that individuals and companies choose massively for sustainable toilet paper from The Good Roll.