The Good Roll, Sustainable toilet paper

The Good Roll, Sustainable toilet paper

Our sustainable toilet paper is soft and feels good. Our sustainable toilet paper can be recognized by the beautiful beige color.

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The sustainable toilet paper is white / beige because it is made from waste paper and uses corrugated cardboard. We strive to leave a minimal footprint on the earth with our sustainable toilet paper.

In the production process of our sustainable toilet paper, no chemical bleaching agents are used and no trees have been cut. Together this results in a reduction of at least 45% on the environmental impact compared to chlorine-free bleached toilet paper. Economical use is made of water and energy by wind energy and water purification plants. The water is used several times and then neatly (purified) returned to nature. A roll of sustainable toilet paper has no less than 400 sheets and therefore lasts extra long. The durable toilet paper is available in packs of 24 rolls, 48 ​​and 96 rolls.

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