The Good Roll Foundation

The Good Roll Foundation aims to make sustainable sanitary facilities available to everyone. Further, everything that is directly or indirectly related to the above or that may be conducive thereto, is taken by us into account.

In short: Our Foundation is there to ensure that the money we raise from the sales of our toilet rolls is spent effectively on building sanitation units without making profit.

Cheers to that!

Every year, The Good Roll donates 50% of its net profit to building toilets in villages and towns currently lacking basic access to safe and clean sanitation. This is the (net) profit that remains after our costs, such as personnel and rent for our office, have been deducted. We do this because we believe in fighting the good fight, aiming to maximise the amount that we reserve for the donation to The Good Roll Foundation for the construction of toilets. That is why we fix our overhead costs to a maximum of 30%. If the costs exceed 30%, the extra costs will be deducted from our profit share and will not be borne by our Foundation. In this way, we remain fully focused on our mission- to build toilets and to improve human lives in places lacking access to clean sanitary provisions... In essence, we give a shit!

Each financial year, we publish our financial annual figures and these are confirmed by an accountant. The donation goes to our Foundation, which distributes it among our projects with various local organisations. Our impact meter shows how many toilets we already have built and those that are in the process of being built. Even though our impact meter is partially fictional, it in any case offers a good picture of our mission, our current projects and insight int our state of affairs while we prepare our annual figures.

For more info, take a look at our foundation website.


The Good Roll originated from a joint frustration.

Every day some 270,000 trees are felled to produce toilet paper, yet still an incredible 2.3 billion people do not have access to safe, clean toilets. That’s about 32% of the world’s total population! Alarming figures if you ask us.

So alarming, in fact, that it inspired us to develop The Good Roll. A unique concept in toilet paper that tackles both problems at once, protecting forests and improving basic living conditions. A concept that uses 50% of its net profits to support the building and maintenance of sanitary facilities in places that lack basic access to clean sanitation through The Good Roll Foundation and our partners… All while using 100% tree-friendly recycled paper!

Take a look at one of our projects: St John's school in Uganda, which we were to support with new toilets.

Happy Wiping!

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & The Good Roll

Clean drinking water and good and clean sanitation have a positive impact on other Sustainable Development Goals, such as food safety, education and health. Clean toilets in schools ensure that more girls continue going to school, even when they have their period, that children are generally less susceptible to diseases, both of which result in a more educated youth which is better able to contribute to the economy.

Unfortunately, millions of people die every year from diseases caused by poor sanitation and this has a direct impact on the local economy. Currently, 1.8 billion people still get their drinking water from polluted sources and an additional 2.4 billion people still have no access to clean toilets and other sanitary facilities.

According to Goal 6, by 2030 everyone should have access to clean drinking water and proper sanitary facilities.

A lot of waste products are still thrown away in bodies of water. To improve the quality of water across the globe, this form of pollution must stop and waste water must be purified. All countries should have a properly functioning water management system, if feasible, by 2030.