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what our mission looks like
what our mission looks like

Daily sweeping with our roles has serious impact

impact on trees


trees saved
tree saved
impact on toilets


toilets built
toilet built
impact on lives


lives improved
live improved


 You don't have to believe us, but this is what others think of The Good Roll:
  •  As a famous Dutch singer I only use the 3-layer toilet roll from The Good Roll. Good for me and good for the planet !!
     Henk Dissel, niederländischer Sänger Henk Dissel, niederländischer Sänger
  •  Order is easy to do because of the clear website. Fast delivery. In addition, the rollers look very nice on the toilet.
    Charlotte, Rotterdam Charlotte, Rotterdam
  • Minder afval, goeie kwaliteit Wat hebben je billen nog meer nodig? ;)
    Tom, Amsterdam Tom, Amsterdam
  • Slightly less soft and smaller sheets than A brand toilet paper, but that is more than offset by the good feeling of durable toilet paper.
    Lisa, Zaandam Lisa, Zaandam
  • Rolls last super long I am up! nice design, good paper and the rolls are really a lot; longer and therefore last very long! 
    Maut, Tilburg Maut, Tilburg

Our rolls are Good for

impact on humankind
impact on the planet
impact on your bum
impact on your feelings
Discover why

We are The Good Roll

100% tree-friendly & sustainable toilet paper: that's how it should be. The Good Roll is made from 100% recycled paper, without chlorine, colors and fragrances. Our packaging is plastic free.

We also invest 50% of our net profit in the construction of toilets in developing countries.

So, say BYE BYE to forest clearing and hello to less water consumption and less CO2, among other things. Trees are for cuddling, not to end up as paper in your toilet. Our durable toilet paper is super soft, super strong and just as good for you as it is for your wallet!
 We are <strong> The Good Roll </strong>